The Crown Molding that Works for You

Published: 09/04/2020 04:01:00 PM

Do you want to be daring with your crown molding or is your need for something more subtle or maybe you lean towards classic architecture? Your crown molding choice depends on who you are and what statement you want a room to make. If you want a classic and traditional look, then you'll want to go with the general rule that the height of the ceiling and size of a room have everything to do with selecting the proper crown molding. If you're making your own personal statement, you'll lean more towards a contemporary decorator's creative approach, from which you might want to consider how various moldings can affect your home's value.

The Creative Approach

Individuals can use their imagination that goes well beyond the old staid design rules that came from a century or longer ago. What is most practical is enhancing the style of your home. Decorative crown moldings match well with all home styles including 'cottage', 'craftsman', 'Victorian', and even 'California Contemporary.' One creative way to do this is by selecting the ceiling molding of your choice and using rich paint or stain tones to blend or contrast it with other architectural features such as the stairs, handrails, chair rails, baseboards, as well as door and window casings.

Proportionate sizing does extenuate continuity of moldings from ceiling to floor. For instance, a stacked or wide ceiling crown molding pairs well with a taller or thicker baseboard molding. Matching angular styles also enhances the match as does blending smoother and more subtle textures.

Your unique approach might be highly contemporary by incorporating stylish indirect lighting to stretch the wall lines so that a ceiling appears to be taller.

The Classic Architectural Role

For centuries, ceiling crown moldings have been used to create the illusion of greater heights in rooms. However, there are a few rules to follow. Creating more altitude begins by knowing the height of your ceilings. You can use this guide to select a height expanding molding.

Architectural styles with classic profiles are Dentil (Federal, Georgian, and Early Classical Revival), Egg & Dart Crown (ancient Greek architecture), and Cove or Cavetto (with beginnings in Egyptian temples and used throughout classical architecture).

Ceiling Crown Molding Adds to Your Home Value

Style and elegance always add sales value. Whether you have enjoyed it yourself for decades or are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to add dollars to your sale, savvy homeowners have discovered that using ceiling crown molding as a decorative addition, enhances the look, feel, and desire of any room. Regardless if your tastes there is a perfect molding to complement any room.

A good place to begin is with our decor finder that enables you to select from specific measurements needed for your project. And please don't hesitate to take full advantage of our expertise to find the perfect matches for your architectural project.

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