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How to install Quick Clips Crown Molding

Published: 03/24/2018 05:07:00 PM

Quick Clips are patented clips used for installing crown moldings without nails or screws. The clips are only compatible with specific Focal Point 4-1/8" and 5-7/8" moldings. The installation process is simple, but it's first important to make sure you have the proper tools. You’ll need a cordless drill with a magnetic bit, tape measure, pencil, ladder, screws (1-5/8", #6 sheetrock screw), Focal Point corner connector blocks, and polyurethane construction adhesive.

There are two different installation methods that you can choose from:

  • If you choose to use Focal Point corner blocks, drill a hole that's 3/16" in the middle of each block's tab. Install the corner blocks in each corner of the room as well as connector blocks at the center of the room. Put in these blocks before installing Quick Clips. Between the moldings and blocks, use the adhesive.
  • If you’re using mitered corners, cut 45-degree compound miters. These will be used for the outside and inside corners. Then cut butt joints for the straight joints and use the adhesive on all joints.

How to install the Quick Clips

  1. Install a clip every 8 to 12 inches from each block or corner
  2. Clip should be flush to the wall
  3. Secure Quick Clips using 1-5/8" screws
  4. Ensure equal space between clips (minimum 6 clips for every 8 feet of molding)
  5. Clips fit into groove of molding, make sure it's tight

How to cut the molding

  1. Measure distance between blocks
  2. Cut with 1/16" extra wiggle room for every 4 feet of molding
  3. Decide if you’re using Focal Point corner blocks or mitered corners
  4. Apply polyurethane adhesive where molding will sit
  5. Slide molding on wall unit so grooves fit into clip, make sure molding is flush to wall
  6. Create tight joint for last two clips by slightly bending molding out to force onto block

Finishing the molding

  1. Paintable latex caulk is recommended to fill gaps between joints, corners or molding edge.

Some additional tips that are good to know:

  • If original primer is scratched or scuffed, use vinyl spackle, then sand and re-paint (before installation)
  • Make sure to clean up excess adhesive immediately
  • Try to keep molding length straight when installing to help with alignment of molding to the clip.
  • If needed, use a hammer and a scrap piece of molding and lightly tap molding at top or bottom to center it on block.

At Classic Ceilings, we are ready to help with all your crown molding needs. We offer patented, award-winning, revolutionary Quick Clips molding installation system that is quick and easy without needing to nail holes to patch and incorporating molding blocks to eliminate the need to miter corners. To learn more, call 800.992.8700 or shop online at