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Decorative Ceiling Solutions

Published: 09/21/2018 03:59:30 PM

Most people never consider the ceiling of a room when it comes to a home's decor. They are quick to paint walls, lay down flooring and bring in the right piece of furniture to make a room special. Leaving ceilings bare makes your living area incomplete. Classic Ceilings has the perfect solution: decorative ceiling medallions. The most affordable, attractive and easy to install ceiling medallions on the market.

The Perfect Match

If you have been searching to find ceiling medallions that are affordable and beautiful, search no more, because the selection offered at Classic Ceilings has a solution for every design budget and discerning eye. Constructed out of polyurethane, they are both durable and paintable to match and enhance your existing decor. They come in sizes ranging from 5" to over 50" and fit over any current light fixture.


Figuring out the correct measurements to install a ceiling medallion is essential for a perfect outcome. Measure out the length and width of the living space in feet. Multiple your length by width and divide the total by seven. This calculation should give you an appropriate medallion size in inches. Experts suggest that when ordering a decorative product such as a ceiling medallion to make certain that you order the calculated size or larger.

We, at Classic Ceilings, believe ceiling medallions and other ceiling elements are the ideal solution to beautifully optimize a room or living space. With the multitude of designs to choose from, there is no reason why any part of your house should remain bare or without a decorative detail. To learn more about Classic Ceilings and view our online store please visit or call us at 800-992-8700 for any questions or inquiries.