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New Year - New Decor

Published: 12/20/2018 03:37:00 PM

The New Year is the perfect time for fresh beginnings and new inspirations in home decor. It's easy to think of redecorating in terms of painting, buying new furniture or maybe a few colored pillows, but don't forget to look up. The ceiling, often referred to as the fifth wall, can be a room's best asset. Indeed, decorative ceiling accents can easily add character and sophistication to your home. In fact, the ceiling can set the tone for the entire room. Decorative ceiling elements, especially decorative ceiling medallions, can add the type of wow-factor that makes a person pause, just as they enter a room for the first time.

Walls Don't Need to Be White

It's a new year and a new you, so ditch the boring white and add some pop to your ceiling by painting it a different color than the decorative elements. For example, try painting the ceiling a neutral or off-white color to make your molding stand-out. Pro tip: Painting the ceiling a slightly lighter color than the rest of the room gives an air of expansion, and coupled with the right medallion, turns a once bland room into a space of supreme elegance and style.

Easy to Install Decorative Ceiling Medallions with a Range of Shapes, Sizes and Styles

Despite appearances, decorative ceiling medallions aren't difficult to install. We often think of old-world artisanship when we see rooms with ceiling medallions or crown molding. But despite the exquisite look, decorative ceiling medallions are easy to install and come in a range of sizes and designs to meet your architectural and design needs, from simple to ornate and modern to classic.

If the room you're decorating is on the smaller size, you might consider a small or extra-small ceiling medallion that can be under 10-inches in diameter. For very large spaces and a grand look, opt for extra-large ceiling medallions around 40-inches in diameter. If you are on a tight deadline for your project, consider Quick Clips medallions, which do not require adhesives or studs. These offer fast installation by locking the medallion in place with a simple twist.

And did you know, not all decorative ceiling medallions are circular? Take this opportunity to add some flair to your interior decor by choosing a ceiling medallion with a non-elliptical design like square, diamond or rectangle.

To peruse through our ceiling medallions and other architectural elements please visit or contact Classic Ceiling at 800.992.8700 with any questions you may have. Our staff is ready to assist. Happy New Year!