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Optimize Your Home with Crown Molding

Published: 12/13/2017 07:33:36 PM

Decorative crown molding is a beautiful addition to any home. Many period homes had this feature, but modern houses often do not. However, you can add the crown molding which fits your home's architectural design to enhance the style and value of the property.

Create a Focal Point

You can use the molding to draw attention to a special feature in a room. A prime example is a fireplace. Add a border of crown molding to complement the style of this element. Arched doorways are another area where a fabulous trim will draw the eye in. If you have a large window, especially a bay window with a seat, you can use crown molding as a border to create a more in depth look.

The experts at Classic Ceilings can help you choose the right type of molding to fit your space and enhance your selected focal point. With so many design options available, there's a trim to suit every theme and preference.

Enhance Space

Another benefit of using decorative crown molding is to make a room appear bigger. Intricate crown molding is the ideal option for both small and larger rooms because it enhances and frames the space perfectly.

White crown molding is a go to option because it helps highlight the space. Darker moldings are best used for larger spaces or open floor plans.

Enhance Any Design Style

Crown molding isn't just for traditional or historic homes. Even though this trim gained popularity back in the 1800s, it is just as stylish and elegant today. The difference is in the convenience of details and size for your choosing.

If you are considering adding crown molding to your home and are not sure which type and style best suits your home and design style, contact the experts at Classic Ceilings at 800-992-8700 for proper guidance in taking the step. For further information and suggestions please visit