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Learn About the Different Types of Molding

Published: 12/01/2017 03:42:40 PM

Whether you are installing ceiling crown molding, accent trim or bordering your entire room, you should be aware there are different types and styles to choose from. Once you know your options, you can select the one which best fits your home and personal style.


Casing serves a practical purpose as well as providing a decorative element to a room. It is used to cover the gap between the door and /or window and enhance the framing which in return optimizes the overall look of the room. You can select from many widths, but the most popular is between two and three inches.


Found in many homes, the baseboard is a type of crown molding which covers the space between the wall and floor. This trim is simple and chic, which immediately enhances the entire room. It's variation of styles is found in the widths available. You can find narrow baseboard just three inches in width or wider trim at five inches or more to make a bolder statement.

Crown Molding

This type of trim is known as a decorative element in the home because it can come in many different styles. It is placed along the border of the wall adjacent to ceiling and can vary from very thin molding of one or two inches to several inches for more drama. It is also known as ceiling crown molding or cornice molding.

Chair Rail Border

Another architectural detail meant for function as much as design is chair rail molding. This trim not only adds elegance to one's house but helps protect the walls from furniture potentially causing damage. You’ll most often see this type of trim in dining rooms. It can be simple with clean lines or more decorative with ornate details.

With so many choices available, you are bound to find the perfect trim for your home! For further information and/or explore your options please visit or contact Classic Ceilings at 800-992-8700 with any questions.