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Introducing Orac Decor

Introducing Orac Decor

Published: 07/09/2013 03:48:00 AM

Introducing Orac Decor, "Europe's #1 choice for interior design!" Classic Ceilings is proud to be working with Orac Decor to offer their full line of architectural products.

Since 1970, the family owned Orac Decor has been recognized as the foremost producer of architecturally accurate, interior mouldings and millwork with a full range of decorative products for use in all types of residential and commercial construction, renovation and redecoration applications. Manufactured utilizing tomorrow’s technology, Orac Decor profiles are produced in steel molds that yield sharp details, perfect dimensions and consistent quality every time. Making them lightweight, strong and easy to install.

Distributing in more than 70 countries throughout the world, Orac Decor is focused on being the trendsetter of high quality, functional and decorative solutions. With a passion for excellence and dedication to creating inspiring profiles they are continously improving and innovating, not only their product range, but also the technology of the industry.

Orac Decor has created three separate collections that will enhance any project to ensure a distinctive and lasting impression. The collections are:


Introducing Orac Decor - Basixx Collection
(view collection)
Introducing Orac Decor - Axxent Collection
(view collection)
Introducing Orac Decor - Luxxus Collection
(view collection)


  • Light
  • Trendy
  • Decorative
  • Affordability
  • Quality
  • Polyvalent
  • Professional
  • Functionality
  • Stylish
  • Creativity
  • Exclusivity
  • Sophisticated



An extruded lightweight polymer based on a medium-density polystyrene blend


An extruded and impact-resistant polymer based on a high-density polystyrene


A moulded quality high-density polyurethane


  • Crown Moldings
  • Panel Moldings
  • Baseboards
  • Chair Rails
  • Panel Moldings
  • Multifunctional Moldings
  • Ceiling Medallions
  • Ceiling Domes
  • Rosettes
  • Chair Rails
  • Crown Moldings
  • Panel Moldings
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Door Frames
  • Pilasters
  • Columns
  • Niches
  • Accents & Accessories

Orac Decor's collections also include highlights from designers Pieter Porters, Sigisbert Engelbosch, Jacques Vergracht, Pierre Daems and Ulf Moritz and we invite you to browse the entire Orac Decor collection of Inspiring Profiles.