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How To Install Crown Molding

Published: 11/06/2017 07:23:12 PM

Installing crown molding is not nearly as intimidating as you may think. Once you have all of your essentials and equipment, you can easily master the installation of crown molding.

Items You Will Need:

  • Crown molding pieces
  • Adhesive
  • Mineral Spirits
  • Paintable latex caulk and caulk gun
  • Miter saw
  • Ladder
  • Tape measure
  • Safety glasses

Installation Steps:

Step 1 - You must choose which type of crown molding you want and what style you are looking for. All of our moldings already come primed and ready to use, which makes the installation easier and a smoother process.

Step 2 - In most crown molding installations you will need to cut your molding. This tends to be the most difficult step. We recommend using a miter saw. Cut butt joints for all straight joints (do not use scarf or lap joints).

Step 3 - Measure the wall length to install the first piece of molding. Take a pencil and mark the wall where the bottom of the molding will lie. Based on your measurements of the wall length, take your molding and cut 45° compound miters for inside and outside corners (do not cope inside corners).

Step 4 - You now need to cut your next piece to fit into the corner of the wall. Cut your corners molding at a 45° angle. You also need to make sure you cut at the right angle for the corners. For instance, for an inside corner the bottom of the molding will be longer than the top part. The opposite would be the case for an outside corner.

Step 5 - With your cuts made, you can now attach your moldings to the wall. Apply adhesive to the top of the crown molding where it will come in contact with the ceiling and the bottom of the crown molding where it will come in contact with the wall. Have someone help you hold the molding tightly against the wall and in the corner. If desired, you may screw the molding into place to help hold it up while the adhesive sets.

Repeat the steps until all of your molding pieces are up.


Remove excess wet adhesive with mineral spirits. Take your paintable latex caulk and fill in any gaps that may be showing. Fill any screw holes with vinyl spackle. Moldings are now ready to be painted. We recommend painting with high-quality latex paint, but you may use any other base except lacquer based paints.

Classic Ceilings is here to provide you with all your crown molding needs. We have a wide variety of sizes, styles, and prices ranges that will fit anyone's needs and budget. Call us at 800.992.8700 or send us a message to receive assistance with your crown molding needs today!