Easy Upgrade with Decorative Crown Molding

Published: 09/24/2020 03:26:00 PM

Are you tired of looking at peeling walls or splintering baseboards in your home? Installing decorative crown molding is an easy upgrade that provides a classy, traditional look to your home and increases your home's market value. Think of decorative crown molding as the finishing touch that completes the look and feel of a space like a pearl necklace on a dashing outfit. Crown molding is also the easiest way to add architectural interest to a room without a fully involved construction project.

Are you new to the wonderful world of crown molding? Never fear – here are three areas where you should think about installing decorative molding in your home.

1. Framing a Doorway

Front doors draw attention from both visitors and neighbors, being the focal point of a home. Thus, decorative crown molding beautifully highlights and draws focus to front doors when installed correctly. The decorative additions allow you to create a sense of grandeur for people entering the house. You can use moldings around both the outside and inside of the door.

An architrave, or header, is the horizontal molding on the top of a door. The two most common styles of headers are Craftsman and fluted (grooved). If you desire an ornate front door, you might want to install a keystone in the center of the heading to give it a baroque look. Additionally, the sides of the door can also be trimmed with fluted or plain casings. Let's not forget about interior doors – they can be dressed up with moldings, too. A narrow molding placed in rectangles gives a plain door an elevated look, while wider moldings along the door frame add style to almost any room.

2. Cabinets

Crown molding can add zest to any type of kitchen cabinets. In fact, decorative molding softens the transition from your kitchen's vertical wall to horizontal ceiling. When shopping for cabinetry molding, it's important to remember that two or more shapes of moldings or profiles can be combined to create an individualized and distinctive look for your kitchen space.

3. Lower Walls

For your dining and living rooms, you will want to install either panel molding or wainscoting as wall treatments. Panel moldings come in a variety of shapes and dimensions, so you have an assortment of options to suit your room's needs. Wainscoting is paneling that contains evenly spaced vertical grooves. Both moldings are applied to the lower portion of interior walls.

Architectural elements such as decorative crown molding are a wonderful way to upgrade your home. Even if you need to hire a contractor for the installation, moldings are still a relatively cost-effective way to infuse your home with style. Upgrade your home today by calling Classic Ceilings at 800.992.8700 or visit www.CrownMoldings.net to peruse and shop our online store.