Decor Finder

Decor Finder

Published: 02/25/2013 12:28:00 AM

With the launch of our new websites comes Decor Finder. A new feature allowing you to narrow down a set of architectural items on our website to the specific measurements needed for your project. Decor Finder will allow you to narrow your selection from each category by various dimensions, features, and of course price.

Our Decor Finder will automatically appear on the left hand side of each category for our architectural products, as well as search results, and can also be used to filter the entire set of products we offer by going directly to the Decor Finder page.

The Decor Finder is practical and easy to use. Various dimensions will be populated and to narrow down one dimension or multiple dimensions simply click on the dimension. This will reveal the range available and you may use the sliders to narrow down the results or enter your range by typing it into the field boxes. You may narrow results by as many dimensions you require. After you have set your requirements, click the "Filter Decor Products" button at the bottom. The results will factor in your requirements and present you with the available options. Even with our extensive range of products, a product may not necessarily exist for the specific requirements entered and you may be presented with a "no items to display" message. If so, simply modify your requirements by expanding one or two ranges and see if anything matches that can be incorporated into your project.

Decor Finder Guide

1 - Click on desired dimension

Decor Finder Illustration Guide - Step 1

2 - Available range is shown

Decor Finder Illustration Guide - Step 2

3 - Narrow range using sliders or type values in

Decor Finder Illustration Guide - Step 3

4 - Filter additional dimensions as needed and then click filter button

Decor Finder Illustration Guide - Step 4

Decor products matching requirements will be shown on the right

Decor Finder Illustration Guide - Results

In addition to dimensions, Decor Finder has additional fetures to allow you to even further narrow down the results. You may filter our architectural products by "Collections" such as manufacturers or specific lines of manufactures. You may filter by "Product Heighlight" such as pre-made flexible moldings or lighting solution crown moldings that allow for indirect lighting, using rope lights. The Decor Finder will also let you narrow results by specific product options, such as the option of adding keystones or screening for louvers. Lastly, the decor finder can also help narrow down a category of products to be more specific. If you are looking for fluted round columns but just need a half column, you can selct "Column Half Round - Fluted" from the "Decor Product" filter.

We hope you find the Decor Finder useful in your search and if you have any suggestions or comments please share them with us using our contact us page.