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Top Tips About Architectural Elements of Crown Molding

Published: 01/15/2020 01:00:00 PM

You've seen and been impressed with the architectural elements of crown molding dating back to ancient Greece. Many centuries later, it is still found in the cathedrals of Europe, great churches, in grand homes, and long ago made its way to the ceilings of prestigious buildings in America such court houses and memorials. The architectural elements of decorative crown molding are an everlasting classic.

In your personal home, crown molding makes a bold statement by adding stature to your rooms. Fortunately, architectural character no longer requires highly skilled craftsman meticulously chiseling away at stone for weeks, months, and years. A few simple carpentry skills and a single weekend transforms your ordinary looking room into one with a new imposing custom look. Although the primary function of crown molding is to use architectural elements to separate the walls from the ceiling, it also opens many new possibilities. For one, consider how you can make the ultimate interior design statement by having a mural painted on your ceiling that is framed by crown molding.

Crown molding adds tremendous visual eloquence to a room and is one the least expensive remodeling projects to completely reinvigorate the look of a room. Simply by changing the molding, the architecture of a room can be transformed from ancient, to traditional, or to a sleek modern look.

  • Most moldings offered at Classic Ceilings can be custom made for projects that require flexible molding.
  • Profiles come in distinctive and a diversity of styles. Our vast selection of profiles has both interior and exterior applications.
  • We offer the patented and award-winning Quick Clip Crown Moldings system for professional results that snap together.
  • You are able to further customize your look by accessorizing with molding blocks, pre-mitered inside corners and pre-mitered outside corners, as well as Focal Point's Quick Clips.
  • We offer many other complementing architectural elements.
  • Prompt answers to questions and quote requests.
  • Or visit our FAQs to learn more.

Other Molding Options for Your Design Consideration

  • Dentil Molding creates a horizontal a decorative cornice of square blocks where a wall meets the ceiling. It is frequently used to break up shadows below the crown molding and add detail.
  • Chair rails are another horizontal molding between ceiling and floors. Among the multiple uses is to protect walls when chairs are placed near them along with creating a separation between two wall finishes such as paint and wallpaper.
  • Baseboard molding finishes the wall at the floor. Varies styles to match your decor range in height from slightly less than an inch to almost eight inches.
  • Window headers are another way to make a bold statement with an architectural element. To make a window standout further, add a customized keystone.

Explore all of your options using our Decor Finder that enables you to select from specific measurements needed for your project. And please don't hesitate to take full advantage of our expertise to find the perfect matches for your architectural project.

For further information or to peruse and shop our online store please visit or contact Classic Ceilings at 800.992.8700 with any questions.