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Selecting the Right Type of Ceiling Medallion for Your Home

Published: 04/24/2019 02:35:00 PM

Let's briefly discuss what a ceiling medallion is; it's a beautiful ornamental feature, which is designed mostly in a rounded shape, it is usually found to be used for a ceiling 'dress up.' This type of home design was popular trends for the middle - and upper - class homes during the nineteenth century, mostly in Victorian â styled Homes. In those times, the medallion was designed of wood, plaster, Plaster of Paris, Papier - Mache, though the use of Papier - Mache was commonly used. The designs were patterned after leaves and flowers and at other times it was a simple plain disc.

Sizing Considerations

When you want to select the right type of ceiling medallion for your home, the first considerations are numbers; this is because the proportions of the medallion must be the accurate ratio to the size of the room you want to design. Below is how to select the accurate size:

  • Ensure to measure the width and length of the room accurately. Some good types of equipment to use for room measurement are; a tape or a digital measuring device.
  • You should then apply mathematics, by multiplying the measured numbers to get the square footage of the room you want to design.
  • Another mathematics, as you will divide your multiplied figure by 7. The number you get is the proper diameter in inches for your proposed ceiling medallion.

These three steps are not the governing rule for selecting the right type of ceiling medallion as sometimes the size of the light you want to use also play a significant role. As a rule of thumb though, when it comes to the size of the medallion and light fixture, the diameters should not be the same.

It is important to note that decorative ceiling medallions come in different sizes, and they vary from 4 â inches diameter for a living room to over 60 â inches for a large living room.

Style Considerations for a Ceiling Medallion

While it is appropriate to design most especially large rooms with medallions, you still may have to deal with a dozen of options, from simple disc medallions that are fitted well for colonial style homes to sophisticated designs that work best in homes.

It is recommended to go through previously designed rooms or halls to help you make a better decision. Further, Classic Ceilings will help you out in selecting the best suitable pattern for a ceiling medallion.

You must remember that the medallion is an architectural design and should be suited for the room style.

For further information or to peruse and shop our online store, please visit or contact Classic Ceilings with any questions at 800.992.8700.