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Crown Moldings Visually Impact All Room Surfaces

Published: 03/03/2020 02:57:00 PM

Adding ceiling crown molding makes stunning improvements to problematic rooms. You can make a small room seem larger, large rooms appear more intimate, and cover flaws where the walls meet the ceiling. Altering the height appearance of your ceiling is easily accomplished through a combination of the molding size and whether it mostly covers the walls or the ceiling. There are hundreds of styles and sizes to select from to achieve the exact look that you desire.

If the room is small and has normal or low ceilings, a 2- to 4-inch-width molding is appropriate. The molding can be wider if the ceiling is a little higher which can be up to 6 inches wide for a very high ceiling (up to 12 feet). Crown molding any wider only works well for very large rooms, ceilings, or both.

Shorter Rooms

Luxxus Crown Molding C355

To heighten the appearance of rooms with a ceiling 8 feet or lower, you want most of the crown molding on the ceiling and less on the wall. While width matters, it is also used to impart different feelings of elegance and formality. More or less pronounced characteristics express your personal preference for simple or classic ornate styles.

Another way to enhance the ceiling-height ratio, is by painting the crown molding the same color as the walls. While this does lessen the accent impact; the blended effect draws less attention to the ceiling by allowing the focus to remain on other features of the room. This brings your room a subdued grace that indirectly focuses attention to the decor but still visually increases the room volume.

Flexible Ceiling Crown Molding

Do you have a game room, den, alcove, or another room with curved walls? Flexible ceiling crown molding brings life to these rooms.

Although not a crown molding, enlarged doorways make low ceilings appear taller. This is best accomplished when room renovations are being made because the size of the entry needs to be enlarged up to the ceiling or close to it. However, this is another imaginative way that any room appearance can be dramatically altered with quality architectural elements and ornaments.

Other possibilities for you to consider include:

Other Molding Options for Your Design Consideration

  • Dentil Molding creates a horizontal a decorative cornice of square blocks where a wall meets the ceiling. It is frequently used to break up shadows below the crown molding and add detail.
  • Chair rails are another horizontal molding between ceiling and floors. Among the multiple uses is to protect walls when chairs are placed near them along with creating a separation between two wall finishes such as paint and wallpaper.
  • Baseboard molding finishes the wall at the floor. Varies styles to match your decor range in height from slightly less than an inch to almost eight inches.
  • Window headers are another way to make a bold statement with an architectural element. To make a window standout further, add a customized keystone.

Explore all of your options using our Decor Finder that enables you to select from specific measurements needed for your project. And please don't hesitate to take full advantage of our expertise to find the perfect matches for your architectural project.

For further information or to peruse and shop our online store please visit or contact Classic Ceilings at 800.992.8700 with any questions.