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3 Things to Know When Buying a Ceiling Medallion

Published: 01/28/2019 03:12:00 PM

Every area in your home deserves a special decorative element. So, when you want to enhance the decor in a specific room, look up!

Ceiling elements are wonderful pieces that significantly elevate the interior design and make an ordinary room become exceptional.

Options range from ceiling domes, to ceiling rims, to the always popular ceiling medallions. In fact, medallions are popular as well as inspiring.

The Beginning

If youâre not sure what a ceiling medallion is, they are decorative disks attached to the base of a ceiling lighting fixture. Youâve likely seen them dozens of times. They are generally circular in shape and include floral patterns and rosettes, flowing curves, and other decorative features.

These detailed and ornate accessories originally appeared in the 1700s. At their inception, they were used mainly for safety reasons to protect ceilings from candle burns.

Today they play a decorative role and are used with almost any type of ceiling lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, recessed lighting, and ceiling fans. They are most often found in the center of a room to surround the canopy of a light fixture. Modern versions are no longer just circular, but also oval or square shaped.

Time to Buy

Before you begin, however, there are three essential decisions to be made when purchasing a ceiling medallion.

  1. Selecting the Style

    A medallion is an eye-catching architectural feature and should be matched to the style of the room.

    • For a contemporary room, select a medallion that features clean, conservative lines
    • For a more elaborate room, choose a style that has more intricate details and patterns
    • Consider a Rococo or Baroque motif in an ornately designed room

    Whatever you decide, medallions can truly tie the whole room and lighting scheme together to create an impressive touch to your space.

  2. Sizing Secrets

    The diameter of a medallion is critical in the purchasing decision. This detailed decor item is available in various sizes and are offered in almost every dimension from under 10 inches to over 40 inches.

    Take these steps to find the appropriate size for your needs:

    • measure the length and width of your room
    • multiply these numbers together for the room's total square footage
    • divide this number by seven
    • this final number is the recommended diameter for your ceiling medallion

  3. To Paint or Not to Paint

    To enrich room decor, you can choose to paint a medallion to match the trim or molding. Other options are to paint it an accent color or have it stand out with a faux finish. The good news is that most medallions are purchased primed and ready for paint.

Think Out of the Box

Ceiling rosettes and medallions are not just exclusive to ceiling decor. These versatile accents can also be used creatively as mirror frames, decorative table bases, and stunning wall art.

Get Started!

Don't neglect your ceiling! Ceiling medallions add character as well as style to a space. You will be amazed at how something so simple can literally change the look and feel of the room without breaking the bank.

For assistance or further information contact Classic Ceilings at 800.992.8700 or visit to learn more.